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Had a good experiance with Performance Carpet Cleaning Solutions and would like to share your story? Submit a Testimonial

At the end of the day my three year old sprayed black craft ink on my light coloured carpet. It was over a large area and it looked like I was going to have to replace the carpet. I was having company and needed it cleaned up as best as possible before my company arrived. I phoned Performance and Art came out right away and stayed until after supper. Today you can't even tell there was any ink! I was truly thankful to have him work so hard so late to get all the ink out. He was professional, hardworking and very kind! Very impressed!
Thank you!
Brooks Flewelling

Competitive price with excellent service. Did an amazing job on our rentals!
Jeremy Manderville

To whom it may concern;
This is to confirm that I have known Mr. Franz for at least ten year's, during which time I have hired Mr. Franz for carpet cleaning services at the Red Deer Lodge and at the present time at the Capri Hotel. Mr. Franz maintains the cleanliness of our guest rooms. I have found Mr. Franz to be very reliable, honest and hardworking and also very keen on delivering the best service he possibly can.
Yours Truly,
Mable Gordon
Executive Housekeeper'
Red Deer Sheraton

To Whom it may concern:
Art Franz, o/a Performance Carpet Cleaning has been providing carpet shampooing and carpet maintenance services to the Black Knight for the past ten (10) years.
He has proven to be professional, reliable and efficient in executing his services. I highly recommend Art to any future or potential commercial clients.
Yours truly,
Ken Mandrusiak
Black Knight Inn